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IOKONE’s cab system offers a comprehensive solution for cab operators to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.


The RS232.485 communication protocol application allows the system to communicate seamlessly with multiple devices such as fare meters, overhead lights, ETC, IC card punching machines, and payment card machines. This helps operators to manage all their cab-related functions effectively and efficiently.


The terminal system is designed to give clear signals to passengers about the car’s status. The signal for an empty car is green, while with passengers, it shows red. An orange signal is used for SOS alerts. This feature helps passengers to know whether a cab is available or not, making it easier to hail a cab quickly.


The terminal system also controls fare counting and invoice printing. It gives the signal for an empty car, turns on the top light, turns off the heavy car light, and turns on the small light at night. The signal for ride status is transmitted from the terminal to the fare meter, enabling fare counting and invoice printing.


The CANBUS protocol box is designed to achieve software pricing functions. By taking the original CAN data and combining it with the algorithm, the system can calculate mileage accurately, providing stable and continuous kilometer meter jumping. This feature is not affected by external signals, which improves accuracy.


The monitor HD 4-way camera offers real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s surroundings, including driver face punch card, rear monitoring, trunk monitoring, and front monitoring. Each view displays a watermark, GPS location, license plate number, time, and date, making it easier to track and monitor vehicle movement.


The ADAS intelligent safety-assisted driving system offers additional safety features such as lane departure and distance alarms. It also provides alerts to drivers who may be experiencing fatigue from long hours of driving.


The system also offers a server-based tracking system that enables operators to see vehicle positioning, vehicle status, vehicle revenue, and tracking track. This feature helps operators to manage their fleet more efficiently.


In conclusion, IOKONE’s cab system offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of cab operators. The system’s features are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. The system’s versatility and ease of installation make it a great investment for any cab operator looking to streamline their operations.

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Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their focus on reducing operation and maintenance costs, improving installation time and convenience, and providing excellent customer service. The smart cab system supplier is an exceptional choice for those looking for advanced and dependable cab system solutions.
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