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IOKONE’s T-BOX product solution provides comprehensive vehicle monitoring capabilities to ensure driver safety and efficient fleet management.

Using CAN bus data, the T-BOX monitors various driving behaviors, such as throttle depth, fuel consumption, brake frequency, and steering wheel swing angle, to effectively manage dangerous behavior and track the data in the background. The JT808/1078 protocol communication allows for the original car data to be uploaded to the background monitoring system, providing clear understanding of the vehicle operation and status.

The T-BOX also includes an HD 4-way AHD infrared camera that connects through terminal video input to realize full car monitoring, up and down door monitoring, rear monitoring, and front monitoring. Each camera view displays GPS location, license plate number, time and date, and includes a watermark for easy identification.

The driver behavior monitoring camera uses AI algorithms to detect any potentially dangerous behaviors such as phone usage, smoking, or dozing off while driving, and captures and uploads the footage to the background system. The camera also identifies the number of people entering and leaving the vehicle, which is monitored by the DMS algorithm to ensure that the driver is following proper protocol.

IOKONE’s T-BOX product solution provides a powerful tool for efficient fleet management and ensures the safety of both drivers and passengers.

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IOKONE is an exceptional provider of cutting-edge vehicle monitoring and tracking solutions. Their T-Box product is a comprehensive system that allows for real-time monitoring of a vehicle's operation, including throttle depth, fuel consumption, brake frequency, and steering wheel angle.IOKONE is committed to delivering reliable and high-quality solutions that ensure driver and passenger safety, while also providing valuable insights into vehicle performance and operation.
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