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Introducing the Smart Bus System, a comprehensive solution for intelligent and efficient transportation. Our system utilizes GPS in-vehicle positioning systems installed on buses that release positioning data to the control center server via wireless networks. By computing the distance or number of stations that each vehicle reaches, the system calculates the estimated arrival time and sends the results to electronic station signs installed with wireless communication equipment.


The Traffic Electronic Stop Multimedia Information Display System is the new generation of bus multimedia information distribution system, equipped with a high-performance digital multimedia terminal that utilizes advanced wireless technology to support the arrival information prompt function. The fiber optic bandwidth technology renders streaming media terminals all over the city into high-definition TV, while the humanized information content allows passengers to feel the richness of our information service. Our electronic station signs are touchable and interactive, designed with a forecast station subsystem (LCD) sunlight compensation scheme and effect map highlighting treatment, as well as an anti-UV reflection design.


The Smart Bus System is designed to ensure passenger safety, with an intelligent card reading system, real-time monitoring of water content, a bilingual human voice TTS announcement function, and a button flip screen function. Our electronic station signs also have an LCD fault return and alarm function that detects any LCD display and operation condition point by point and returns an alarm in case of any abnormality.


Moreover, our system features a temperature and humidity index collection and release function that collects the temperature and humidity around the electronic station and releases it in real-time on the electronic station. Our Smart Bus System is equipped with a cell phone APP program that allows the public to query bus arrival information. The public can download the APP cell phone program for bus information query, which is more simple than the traditional way of querying information through SMS.


The Smart Bus System is also eco-friendly, with a heat dissipation program, solar charging, and a fire extinguishing device that activates when a fire occurs in the distribution box, preventing any potential risks.


In addition, our system has a passenger counting system and an on-bus announcement display that provides passengers with real-time information about their journey, and we can also provide bus stop housing designs.


Our Smart Bus System is the perfect solution for intelligent and efficient transportation. We strive to provide passengers with the best service possible and ensure their safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

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Advanced Technology and Innovation

We provide advanced technology and innovative solutions that improve the efficiency, safety and overall performance of transit systems. This includes intelligent routing systems that use state-of-the-art sensors, real-time data analysis, and optimization of bus routes and schedules.

Cost Savings

We help our customers save money by optimizing bus system operations and reducing unnecessary expenses. This includes identifying areas of inefficiency, such as underutilized routes or idle buses, and implementing strategies to reduce these costs. We can also help clients take advantage of cost savings opportunities associated with the use of smart technology and sustainable fuel sources. By reducing costs, customers can improve their financial position and reinvest those savings into improving their bus service.

Reliable and Efficient Service

We provide reliable and efficient service to ensure that buses run smoothly and on time. This includes regular maintenance and repairs to keep the buses in good condition, as well as responsive support and assistance in the event of any problems.


Passenger Counting System


AR high-transmission explosion-proof tempered glass makes the station sign good light transmission under sunlight with high definition

Mobile Real Time Bus App

Line display, map display, search options

Back Office Information System

Back Office Information System


Actual Cases

Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China

Actual Cases

Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China

Other Cases

Other Cases

In-Bus Announcement Display

Heat Dissipation System

Real-time monitoring for precise heat dissipation

Anti-UV Reflective Design

Water Content

Real-time moisture content monitoring

Swipe Card System

The card swipe system is embedded in the bus platform, which is convenient for passengers to replenish and check their card balance at any time.

Monitoring System

The electronic station monitoring system adopts starlight level professional camera, which can present high-definition full-color video under low light at night.

Actual Cases

Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Sunshine Compensation Plan

Other Cases

Other Cases

This smart bus system solution has been a game-changer for us. It has allowed us to provide reliable, efficient, and safe transportation services to our passengers while also generating cost savings and improving our financial performance. I highly recommend this solution to any organization looking to improve its bus system operations.
Matthew Johnson