LED advertising machine and bus advertising machine

This advertising player runs with Android system and has multiple working methods: Output in the smart vehicle terminal, run in a split-screen mode, and send advertising signals to the display through the apk. In the form of an Android all-in-one machine, advertisements can be placed on the entire screen, or the display screen can be […]

Face recognition thermometer

The public bus system uses a face recognition temperature measurement and safety monitoring system, which does not reflect the speed of passengers getting on and off the bus, and does a series of epidemic prevention measures such as body temperature detection, mask recognition, face tracking, and abnormal reporting at one time. Working principle: The function […]

Bus display solution-LED advertising player

Overview of LED advertising machine Application of LED backlight technology Back light overview: The Chinese character for backlight is interpreted as “being not directly exposed to light” or “avoiding direct exposure to light”. In the electronics industry, the backlight is a form of lighting that is often used for LCD displays. The difference between the […]