The public bus system uses a face recognition temperature measurement and safety monitoring system, which does not reflect the speed of passengers getting on and off the bus, and does a series of epidemic prevention measures such as body temperature detection, mask recognition, face tracking, and abnormal reporting at one time.

Face recognition termometer
Face recognition termometer

Working principle: The function is based on the Android system, combined with the high-definition camera signal output, and sends the signal to the face recognition program. According to the algorithm, the facial features, mask recognition and traffic statistics are obtained.
At the same time, the infrared sensor receives the reflected infrared to obtain the human body temperature.
After the passenger swips the RFID card, the “thermometer” receives the card information sent by the RFID module, and then sends it to the system database to realize the combined collection of the person’s face, body temperature, and identity information. Quickly and easily manage the flow of people.

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