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Octa Core : MSM8953


HiFi 2CH/2.1CH/4CH/4.1CH/5.1CH

FieldStandard/Driving/Full car
SRSScene mode Cinema/Dedicated/Music/MONO/LCRS/Virtual center
Surround mode Front to back/Middle sound field
Bass Boost LF/LR/RF/RR/Behind
Soundfield focus Front/center/behind adjust
Delay LF/LR/RF/RR/Front/Behind
360360 panorama Built-in Max 1080p 30Hz *4
Camera inputAR/ Face render/ads Plug DVR
Resolution1024*600 、1280*480 、768*1024、800*1280、1280*720、Up to1920*1080
RadioSi479xx support RDSqualcomm 8953 octa core cpu processor host
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