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A-SMART Technology Inc. is not a general supplier. In 2003, our parent company named A-SMART (HK) started to trade in semiconductors. Today, A-SMART is recognized as a well-known high-tech manufacturer of automotive entertainment and related electronics. With over ten years of experience in the automotive video and audio industry, A-SMART has witnessed the evolution of management processes operating under international ISO standards and can provide a wide range of products for the Internet of Vehicles, including in-vehicle players, sensors, cameras, charging devices, air pumps and fleet management. We also have custom products designed to provide more comfort, safety, strength and unique performance for all models. Our philosophy is simple: provide high-quality mobile video at great prices. Our mission is to provide every customer with the highest quality auto parts products. The future is full of imagination and possibility.
A-SMART's well-trained staff look forward to serving you. Our salespeople are ready to answer any questions and help you find the perfect monitor or video system. We are always available to provide accurate information via email or phone if you are unsure or have questions. Rest assured, you will also enjoy satisfactory after-sales service when you purchase our products. Our products have a one-year warranty, and all of them are refundable and repairable.

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We are an energetic and professional team with our factory and laboratory.

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