1) From the day after the invoice is issued, within one year of the warranty period (two years for the microcomputer), the product host has non-human-damaged performance failures, and consumers can enjoy free maintenance services at IOKONE.

2) From the next day after the invoice is issued, within one year of the warranty period (two years for the microcomputer), there is a performance failure that is not man-made damage. After two repairs, you can choose to repair it for free. Or based on the valid repair record provided by the repairer in the warranty card, contact customer service to confirm whether the product can be exchanged. If you choose to return, we will charge a depreciation fee according to the depreciation rate.

1) Accessories purchased separately enjoy warranty service according to the corresponding accessories warranty policy.

2) The accessories provided with the purchase of the machine are based on the valid warranty certificate of the purchased host, and enjoy the warranty service.

3) The accessories presented by the event are guaranteed by valid gift vouchers.

1) beyond the warranty period;

2) Failure to use, maintain and maintain the product in accordance with the requirements of the product instruction manual and cause damage;

3) Damage caused by misuse such as falling, squeezing, immersion in water;

4) Damage caused by force majeure such as flood, fire, lightning strike;

5) Products repaired by non-authorized repair centers;

6) The use of non-original accessories causes the failure or accident of the host;

7) Any product not sold on IOKONE’s official website, and the model, serial number and manufacture number indicated on the product have been changed, deleted, moved or illegible;

8) Only the hardware warranty service is included, all configurations and accessories, such as software, CD-ROMs, and user guides, are not included in the warranty service;

9) Problems caused by software (including virus infection). Assess whether the computer failure is caused by hardware or software, and reserves the right of final decision;

10) Not responsible for restoring services outside of factory mode. If the user requests to install the software, the user is required to provide the required software without any responsibility.

1) Guarantee that the repaired product can be used for more than 30 days.

2) Due to IOKONE’s own reasons, the repair time exceeds 30 days and the repair is not completed. Consumers contact customer service to replace them with products of the same model and specification for free.

3) IOKON repair center delays the repair time due to the manufacturer’s failure to provide spare parts according to the contract or agreement, and the repair is not completed within 60 days from the date of repair. Consumers contact customer service to replace products of the same model and specifications for free. .

For specific warranty terms, please refer to the warranty terms published on the product sales page and the warranty regulations in the product manual.