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How to sign for receipt after the goods arrive

In order to protect your vital interests, we hereby remind you to pay attention to the following matters when receiving the goods:

  1. When you receive the goods, please inspect the goods on the spot to check whether the outer packaging is in good condition. If the package is found to be damaged, please write “outer package damaged” in the receipt column of the express receipt.
  2. Since the logistics service provider does not support unpacking and inspection before signing, no matter whether the outer packaging is damaged or not, please be sure to ask the courier to inspect the package together after signing. If you find that the product is damaged, the quantity does not match, the wrong delivery, the missing delivery does not match the order, etc., please take a photo and save the certificate, write the abnormal reason in the receipt column, and let the courier send the package back to the IOKONE official website; Submit a return application on the “Order” page, and IOKONE’s official website will refund you.
  3. If you do not operate according to the above description, after the courier leaves, IOKONE official website will not accept returns due to logistics damage, missing or wrong delivery.
  4. In the case that I cannot sign for the receipt in person, please entrust others to sign the receipt and operate in strict accordance with the first and second items. The signature of the consignee shall be regarded as the signature of the consignee himself.Consumers should provide accurate delivery address and consignee information to IOKONE official website and receive goods in time. If the order is delayed or cannot be delivered due to the failure of the consumer or its designated consignee to fulfill the aforementioned obligations, the consumer shall bear the corresponding responsibility, and the IOKONE official website has the right to stop the delivery and cancel the order.