Most frequent questions and answers

What are the benefits of creating an account?

There are many benefits to creating an account, including:

email notifications of offers and promotions on products of interest .

Order tracking.

Request a return.

Cancel paid orders.


How can I register?

Register IOKONE account in the navigation bar  SHOP-MY ACCOUNT-LOGIN page, Click register on the lower-left corner of the page.


What can I do if I forget my password?

Click SHOP-MY ACCOUNT-LOST PASSWORD in the navigation bar to reset your password.


Do I need to create an account to make purchases on the IOKONE website?

Yes, we need your account information to create an order, we use the details to send your order and to contact you with any questions related to your order.

Can I make a purchase via live chat or email?

Yes, we accept orders in any form.


When should the order be paid?

All payments must be made within 2 hours or the order will be cancelled.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your purchase before the product is in stock. To request a cancellation, please visit SHOP-Order after logging in.


How can I track my order?

Log in to your account and go to Orders.

Choose the order you want to follow. Then you will be able to see the status of that order.


Can I change my order information (recipient, address, etc.) after payment?

Shipping information can be changed by contacting customer service.


Can I add other items to the order I have placed?

No, order information cannot be changed after payment has been made. You can place a new order.


What personal information do I need to provide when ordering?

When placing an order, you must enter the recipient’s full name, valid address and contact details.

Did your payment fail? What can you do if there is an error?

  1. Verify that your PayPal account is valid and the data entered is correct . Otherwise , the system will automatically prompt our information to fill in the wrong information, as long as you change the correct information according to the system prompt, you can re-initiate the payment .
  2. The balance of the PayPal-bound card is insufficient, so we need to remit the cash to the card first.
  3. Check that the amount to be paid does not exceed the limit set on the credit/debit card.
  4. The security of the account is not high, and it is identified as a high-risk transaction by the system. At this time, you can try to use other sources of funds, such as the balance in the PayPal account, to pay, instead of paying by swiping your credit card directly. If there is no money in the PayPal account balance, you can only wait 24 hours or 48 hours before trying to make a second credit card payment.
  5. The error may also be caused by the browser, you can try to pay again after deleting the cache, cookies.
  6. If the error still exists, we recommend that you log in to the customer service center of PayPal’s official website and call the service hotline for more professional help.
  7. Determine if your network is in good condition.


What payment methods are available in the IOKONE store?

Currently available payment methods is:

Pay with PayPal.


Is there a maximum payout amount?

There is no maximum payment limit for individual orders.


What should I do if I am charged the wrong amount?

If you believe your order has been charged an incorrect amount, please contact our customer service with your order number and proof of payment and we will cancel the order for you .


How long does it take to get a refund? What if I don’t get a refund?

Typically, all payments received by the user will be refunded within 7-14 business days, using the same payment method as the user purchased online. If you do not receive a refund within this period, please contact our customer service .


How do I get a refund if I want to cancel my order after paying for it?

If you want to cancel your order after payment, please return it within 14 days and money will be refunded to the same payment method.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are generally shipped within 7 business days of payment confirmation, selected delivery address, and availability of items in the warehouse.


How much is shipping?

Please contact our customer service to calculate and pay the shipping fee after placing the order.


Which courier is serving consumers?

We will use any express, if you need a special carrier, please contact customer service.


Can I change the shipping address for my order?

Once an order is ready to ship or has shipped, we cannot change the delivery address.So please contact the customer to change the address before shipment.


I have ordered bundled items but have not received all of them. what should I do?

Contact customer service immediately for assistance.


What should I do if the item is damaged in transit?

If the product shows any signs of damage when it is delivered to you, we recommend that you do not sign for or accept the package. If you find damage after receiving it, please contact customer service as soon as possible. We also recommend taking pictures of the damage as evidence.


Where can my order be delivered?

Orders can only be delivered to a valid address.


Do I have to pay for return or exchange shipping?

If you are returning or exchanging products and accessories, you will be responsible for shipping costs.

How long is the return period?

You need to check whether the goods are in good condition when you sign for them. If there is a problem with the goods, please choose to reject, keep the photo or video evidence, and submit a return application online to return the goods after purchase.


I wanted to return it for no reason within the return period but was unable to ship it in time. Can I still return it?

We do not support unreasonable returns, and can only be returned or exchanged if there is a problem with the product or the model does not match.


When can I cancel a paid order?

You can cancel the purchase of the product before it is in stock. You can request a cancellation by going to the order after logging in.


Can I return part of my order?

Yes. You can return some products in your order and keep others. However, if you ordered a bundle or received a gift with your order, you may need to return the bundle or gift for a full refund.


Can I exchange products?

If the product is defective, you can replace the product. Your defective product can only be replaced with a product of the same type.


What happens if I don’t return the product in full (for example, if I don’t return an accessory)?

If one or more parts or items of a product are not returned, we may deduct the appropriate amount from your refund.


What should I do before packing the product I want to exchange?

Please do a factory reset to ensure all personal information is removed.

You can use the order number as a basis for guarantee.

How is the warranty period defined?

The warranty period is within one year of receiving the product.


How long does it take to fix a defective product?

We will do our best to complete the repair within 14 days.


Do I need to pay for warranty repairs if the device is repaired under warranty?

Repairs under commercial and legal warranties are free. But you need to pay for return shipping.


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