Outdoor advertising machine at bus station

Outdoor advertising machine has the characteristics of waterproof, high temperature resistance, strong stability, combined with high-brightness display, to achieve outdoor advertising, carousel advertising files, video, sound, etc.This advertising player runs on Android system, and the screen can choose LVDS, analog signal or HDMI output. With 4G network function, it can realize online update, maintenance and […]

LED advertising machine and bus advertising machine

This advertising player runs with Android system and has multiple working methods: Output in the smart vehicle terminal, run in a split-screen mode, and send advertising signals to the display through the apk. In the form of an Android all-in-one machine, advertisements can be placed on the entire screen, or the display screen can be […]

Face recognition thermometer

The public bus system uses a face recognition temperature measurement and safety monitoring system, which does not reflect the speed of passengers getting on and off the bus, and does a series of epidemic prevention measures such as body temperature detection, mask recognition, face tracking, and abnormal reporting at one time. Working principle: The function […]